greenwell-farms-winsThe Pualu Business Innovation Award recognized Greenwell Farms for its leadership in the Kona coffee industry, approaches to modern farming strategies, innovations in farming technology, and research and development pilot projects aimed at best farm management practices. The Pualu Award also acknowledged Greenwell Farms for its commitment to coffee development in Hawaii and development of coffee hybrids that have yielded new varietals. There are currently thirty numbered varietals in development at Greenwell Farms. Two signature series varietals—Jeni K and Elizabeth J are currently on sale at the farm with a third varietal, MaMo slated for release later this summer.

Pualu is a Hawaiian word meaning “to work together” and since 1979, the Kona-Kohala Chamber of Commerce has recognized leaders for their outstanding contributions in various categories including Business Innovation.

“We are honored to receive this award and are excited that the efforts of our Greenwell Farms team are recognized,” said Greenwell Farms President Tom Greenwell. He added, “Our multi-generational family farm’s legacy continues the tradition of innovation and quality at Greenwell Farms.”

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Kilauea Volcano Activity and Greenwell Farms Relief Efforts

Tom and Jennifer Greenwell with donated coffee.

Tom and Jennifer Greenwell with donated coffee.

Many friends and customers have contacted us over the past week regarding the national press attention on the recent activity of the Kilauea Volcano in the Puna district of the Big Island. We have appreciated the concern people have expressed about the situation relative to Greenwell Farms and the coffee grown in our area.

While this event is dramatically affecting people living in the Puna area, Greenwell Farms and, in general the Kona Area, has not been affected other than noticeable (but not life-threatening) air quality degradation depending on daily wind patterns.

The map below may provide a perspective not readily available to the general public on the mainland USA.

Source: Map was taken from New York Times article dated May 12, 2018.

Source: Map was taken from New York Times article dated May 12, 2018.

The Big Island is made up of five volcanos, of which four remain active.

  1. Kohala, which is inactive.
  2. Mauna Kea, which is defined as active but has not erupted for 4,500 years.
  3. Hualalai, which overlooks Kailua-Kona, last erupted in 1801.
  4. Mauna Loa, which has affected the largest portion of the Big Island, and it erupted as late as 1984.
  5. Kilauea, the most active volcano on the island. This volcano has been continuously erupting since 1983, making it one of the primary tourist attractions in Hawaii.

The earthquakes, lava flows and, now, ash plumes in the surrounding area on Kilauea Volcano are quite a distance away from Greenwell Farms and the coffee areas of Kona. As the crow would fly directly over the 13,600-foot summit of Mauna Loa, Greenwell Farms is approximately 50 miles away from Kilauea and about 100 miles away by car.

During the continuous eruption of Kilauea since 1983, Kona has not been significantly affected other than the periodic incidence of what has become known as Kona’s “VOG,” or volcanic air pollution caused by volcanic emissions. It is important to note that this has no bearing on Greenwell Farms’ coffee production. Our 100% Kona coffees will continue to maintain the highest standard of quality and taste for our customers.

Puna district firefighters appreciating the generosity of Greenwell Farms’ customers, whose coffee donations will help get them through some long days and nights protecting the Puna community.

Puna district firefighters appreciating the generosity of Greenwell Farms’ customers, whose coffee donations will help get them through some long days and nights protecting the Puna community.

Our hearts go out to the people living in the Puna district. Like many other individuals and businesses on the Big Island, we wanted to help in some way. In the past week, Greenwell Farms released a special Volcano Relief Full City Roast 8oz bag, available for purchase on our website, to benefit Kilauea relief workers and volunteers. Our generous customers have already purchased 142 bags, which were donated and delivered to people aiding the Puna community. The Greenwell Farms team also graciously donated various 100% Kona coffees. We thank you for helping those in need and working together to share the spirit of Aloha!

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aio awardlogobugGreenwell Farms was named Best Agriculture Tourism Destination in the agritourism category at the 2018 aio Media Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Awards ceremony held recently in Honolulu.

The 2018 aio Media Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Awards publicly recognize and reward excellence within the industry; reinforce the value of the tourism industry; reinforce consumer confidence in the tourism industry; and promote an annual platform of celebration for the industry and offer networking opportunities for operators, supporters and sponsors.

The Hawaii Lodging & Tourism Association together with aio Media recognized the outstanding achievements of tourism operators across the state of Hawaii.Honorees from 14 categories including restaurants, events, music, culture and heritage, and agritourism were recognized for their outstanding achievements behind the scenes of the state’s top industry.

“We are so honored to be recognized for our team’s efforts in creating a farm experience that educates and engages visitors with the many aspects of Greenwell Farms’ 150-year history,” said Greenwell Farms President Tom Greenwell. “Our great team here on the farm is committed to sharing Kona’s coffee heritage and to keep Greenwell Farms as a top-of-mind Kona coffee farm experience for visitors and kamaaina. This prestigious award celebrates all of our team’s hard work and dedication.”

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Greenwell Farms and Big Island Bees Partner to Pollinate Social Media Streams

gf-social-media-swapWhen Whendi Puett with Big Island Bees called Jennifer Greenwell here at Greenwell Farms and proposed that both farms swap social media streams, a brilliant marketing idea was pollinated. The idea was simple, Greenwell Farms would post our Kona coffee farm content on Big Island Bees Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and vice versa. Over the next few months marketing teams from each farm worked together to develop ideas, content and image posts, focused on giving followers a virtual tour of each farm, so followers could visualize themselves there. Big Island Bees even planned to provide a recipe using their honey in a cup of Greenwell Farm’s coffee during the swap. The idea to give followers a visual idea of the daily activities that happen at each farm. With record visitors expected, this past summer was chosen for the launch with the common goal to grow engagement, followers and potentially new visitors and customers for each farm.

Here’s the winning formula:

Big Island Bees built a strong following on Instagram and Twitter, while Greenwell Farms posts larger numbers of page likes on Facebook. The intent was to gain followers and exposure where the other company had a larger audience. The outcome of the four-day social media swap was very successful.

social-media-postIn four days, Greenwell Farms gained 13 new Twitter followers (previously their monthly average gain was 7) and 33 new Instagram followers (monthly average gain: 43). Greenwell Farms social media stream also saw a high amount of engagement, including likes and comments on related posts. A Big Island Bees follower commented on a swap post that reads “@greenwellfarms We will be visiting you next week! We go to @bigislandbees every year and now we will come see you too on our annual trip to the Big Island.”

“When I talked with Whendi, I thought the swap was a really exciting idea. Our farms share so much, including bees and our fragrant coffee blossoms, it really made sense to share our virtual worlds too,” said Jennifer Greenwell, Greenwell Farms Director and Retail Manager. “Our fans are passionate about our products as are Big Island Bees fans, it is truly a win-win for both farms.”

With such a measurable success on its first social media swap, Greenwell Farms looks forward to going viral and adding in more B2C (Business to Consumer) swaps in the near future.

#buzzswap #greenwellfarms #bigislandbees

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Jennifer Greenwell Earns Licensed Q Grader Certification

q-grader-photoOur Commitment to Quality Continues to Grow 

Greenwell Farms knows that keeping the quality of Kona’s world famous coffee is important to ensure its sustainability for seasons to come. Quality assurance at Greenwell Farms has been enhanced as Jennifer Greenwell recently earned a prestigious Coffee Quality Institute’s Q Grading certification.

Earlier this summer, Jennifer Greenwell spent an intense week pursuing the prestigious and respected certification as part of a seven-person group testing under the direction of Jodi Dowell Wieser. This was the first Q Grader and Training exam in Hawaii. Greenwell had to successfully pass over 20 intense test sections on coffee related subjects, such as green grading, roast identification, coffee cupping, sensory skills and sensory triangulation.

Prior to the exams, Greenwell prepared and for 30 + days engaged in an Olympic-type coffee cupping training with Chai Neo, the other certified Q Grader at Greenwell Farms. Greenwell had to train her taste buds to respond to the sweet, sour, and salt areas of the tongue and together, Greenwell and Neo cupped and cupped coffee samples from around the world as Greenwell grew more and more confident in her skills. Armed with heavy training, Greenwell headed to Oahu, knowing the difficult and demanding testing she would be up against.

“I’m personally so grateful to Jackie and Ray Suiter of Kona Coffee Purveyors for making the Q Grader certification possible here in Hawaii. They are really the ones that made it happen by certifying their lab, rearranging roasting schedules and getting Jody out here to Hawaii to conduct the certification,” said Jennifer Greenwell.

With this prestigious certification, Jennifer Greenwell joins an elite group of coffee industry experts. Greenwell and Chai Neo are both qualified to cup and grade coffee based on the Specialty Coffee Association of America’s standards and methods. The Q Grading Certification program was created in 2004 to train coffee professionals to better identify the scientific tasting protocols, coffee grading, coffee knowledge and develop sharp sensory skills critical in identifying the common aromatic scents found in coffee. With two Q Graders now on the farm, Greenwell Farms has doubled the quality-based guarantee that its coffee has been strictly evaluated by coffee experts to ensure quality. These two Greenwell Farms Q-Graders will continue to contribute greatly to the Greenwell Farms quality control efforts and the goal of producing the highest quality Kona coffee possible.

“As Hawaii continues to lead the US coffee growing industry, having cupping certification opportunities is important for the industry as a whole,” stated Tom Greenwell, proud husband and Greenwell Farm President. “With every Q Grader certification, expertise in industry knowledge grows and naturally branches out into the consumer market, making coffee drinkers ultimately more aware of the importance of


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Photo credit: Kelleigh Stewart of Big Island Coffee Roasters L to r: Beth Hicks, Greenwell Farms; Howard Dicus, Hawaii News Now; Tom Greenwell, Greenwell Farms

Photo credit: Kelleigh Stewart of Big Island Coffee Roasters
L to r: Beth Hicks, Greenwell Farms; Howard Dicus, Hawaii News Now; Tom Greenwell, Greenwell Farms

Coffee growers and industry leaders gathered in Kona last week for the Hawaii Coffee Association (HCA) annual conference and its highly anticipated HCA Statewide Coffee Cupping Competition.

We are so excited to write that Greenwell Farms captured Hawaii’s top award in the Creative Division for its Signature Series Elizabeth J, a Pacamara varietal! The Greenwell Farms Elizabeth J label also won the District Award Division as Kona’s top coffee, and our latest varietal blend Meritage (patent pending), a creative blend of both Greenwell Farms Signature Series coffees – the Jeni K and Elizabeth J, tied for third place. More on Meritage soon.

Greenwell Farms President Tom Greenwell said, “I’ve watched this varietal get better and better as it matures with every growing season. Last year Elizabeth J took second place in the Kona District Award Division and we all felt this year’s crop was a good one. To win the state’s top coffee honor is a strong endorsement and everyone here at Greenwell Farms strives for and believes in the quality of our coffees. A big mahalo goes out to everyone at the farm and to the cupping judges for sharing their expertise.”

Released in 2015, Elizabeth J is the second in the farm’s Signature Series, created to honor the Greenwell family heritage. Elizabeth J is named for Elizabeth Greenwell, sister to Greenwell Farms President Tom Greenwell. Grown on the Greenwell Family Estate, Elizabeth J 100% Kona Coffee is derived from carefully selected beans from the area of the farm containing the Pacamara coffee varietal and offers a very unique experience with a bright, sweet, and fruity cup with good acidity with notes of clove, plum, raisin, apricot, passion fruit, strawberry and silky chocolate.



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USA Today Ranks Greenwell Farms Top 10 Best Food Factory Tour

Bringing Serious Bragging Rights!

Great news here on the farm. Greenwell Farms has been selected as one of the 10Best Food Factory Tours in the nation according to readers of USA Today.

The well-known national newspaper asked readers to help find the nation’s ten best food factory tours, and after a busy month of voting, Greenwell Farms stands proudly with Herr’s Snack Factory, TABASCO®, Hershey’s Chocolate World, Celestial Seasonings Tea, PEZ, Jelly Belly and Boudin Bakery. Other factory tours nominated but not making the Top 10 included Ben & Jerry’s, Tillamook Cheese Factory and World of Coca-Cola.

“Our farm tours have grown from our humble beginnings of welcoming walk-in visitors that stumbled upon our farm back in the 1990s into a signature farm tour experience,” said Greenwell Farms President Tom Greenwell. “Our enthusiastic team of friendly tour guides shares our story with thousands of visitors every year. This recognition really honors their dedication.”

Greenwell Farms offers tours of its working Kona coffee farm every day starting at 8:30 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. Friendly, knowledgeable guides take farm visitors on an interesting walking tour of coffee fields, highlighting farm history, pointing out various stages of coffee growth, production, and, depending on the season, visitors to the farm watch coffee cherry being processed. Always a fan favorite, the Greenwell Farms traditional hoshidanas where farm workers spread sun-dried coffee beans out on rolling platforms are the tour’s most popular photo stop.

Plan to stop by the farm on your next visit to Hawaii!

Greenwell Farms is located at 81-6581 Mamalahoa Highway Kealakekua.

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Greenwell Farms Captures Gold in Cream of the Crop People’s Choice


Greenwell Farms captured the hearts and tastebuds of attendees at Kona Coffee Council’s 2015 Cream of the Crop coffee and dessert tasting competition held recently on the lawn at the Sheraton Kona Resort & Spa. Greenwell Farms served a much-welcomed iced espresso to happy Cream of the Crop attendees and was rewarded with a gold medal in the open division People’s Choice.

IMG_2026-750“We are so excited to be honored once again as the People’s Choice winner at this prestigious event. Our customers and fans appreciate the superior quality they have come to expect from our farm. This win is certainly a direct result of our commitment to excellence,” stated Greenwell Farms General Manager Tom Greenwell.

The Kona Coffee Council’s Cream of the Crop annual event presents a unique opportunity featuring desserts, Kona coffee, local island artists and craftspeople. The coffee tasting competitions feature three categories: Kona Estate Coffee, Kona Certified Organic and Kona Coffee, open division.

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It’s a Great Time to Visit Greenwell Farms

20150220-KonaSnow-11[2]With national weather attention focused on those cold, winter states, Greenwell Farms thought it would be a good time to talk about Kona Snow. It’s magical really.

Kona Snow refers to the delicate, fragrant coffee blossoms that are making their first 2015 appearance here on the farm. Each branch of our coffee trees are lined with multiple white flowers that sit atop each branch just like fallen snow. The flowers fill the morning air with a light gardenia-like fragrance. This is also a busy time for our bees, who work hard to pollinate our Kona Snow. Although coffee is typically a self-pollinating plant, the bees provide an extra push to insure a full branches of ripened coffee next fall.   These blossoms will eventually give way to smooth, round fruit that gradually ripen from green to red, know as Kona coffee cherry.

Greenwell Farms invites you to come up mauka (towards the mountain) to the farm and experience the farm to cup with free farm tours continuously from 8:30am through 4:30pm Monday through Sunday.




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44th Annual Celebration of Kona’s World Famous Coffee

KCCF_2014ButtonBrewing November 7-16, 2014

Kona, Hawaii–The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival returns for its 44th annual celebration of Kona’s world famous coffee from November 7 through November 16, 2014. Hawaii’s oldest food festival combines a modern-day infatuation with coffee with Kona’s old-world history as visitors, residents, artisans and farmers gather together to salute Hawaii’s preeminent coffee.

The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival is adding new, exciting events in 2014 including innovative Kona coffee farm tours, native Hawaiian arts and culture events, keiki (child) friendly activities, and a celebration of cultural diversity all blended together in 10 event-filled days honoring nearly 200 years of Kona coffee history.

Learn more at

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Coffee Pruning at Greenwell Farms – Trees Spring to Life Once Again

stump2Greenwell Farms incorporates modern pruning techniques in its farming practices. Trees are completely stumped after their second year of full production giving them a full year of rest. At any given time, one third of the farm has been stumped.

When this process is completed each February/March, it is a dramatic change in the look of the orchard. The picture on the left was taken in early February, 2014.stump1

These stumps actually have vibrant root systems with a tremendous supply of energy capable of significant vegetative grown in a very short time. The picture on the right is the same Orchard taken in Early June, 2014

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2014/15 Kona Coffee Crop Promises to be a Great Year for Kona Coffee

crop The 2014/15 coffee season is shaping up to be one of the best crops in recent memory. The short crop in the previous season coupled with timely rains in January and February created several very large blooms. Consistent rain since the bloom season has made for optimal growing conditions.

This next season should be a good one.

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