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Private Reserve is Now Available!


Our Private Reserve is a special selection of our highest quality coffee beans, grown on the Greenwell Estate, roasted to a Full-City Roast and packaged with the Greenwell Private Reserve label. Known for its distinctive flavor, our Private Reserve is admired by coffee industry experts Worldwide. Private Reserve is available in ground and whole bean. […]

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Greenwell Farms Recognized by Kona Soil and Water Conservation District


In a ceremony in Kamuela, Hawaii Sunday, June 8, 2013, the Kona Soil and Water Conservation District announced that Greenwell Farms has been recognized as the 2013 Cooperator of the Year. Tom Greenwell and Greenwell Farms were recognized for their sustainable farming practices while developing a completely new 40 acre coffee farm above Konawaena School […]

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CQI Certification of Q-Grader


Greenwell Farms has been steadily improving its growing and processing techniques in its quest for the highest quality coffee possible. A big part of this quality program is the cupping program headed up by Chai Neo. Chai has recently received CQI certification of Q-Grader. CQI is Coffee Quality Institute and it is an international nonprofit […]

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COFFEE PRUNING – Tradition and Innovation

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In this short educational video, Tom Greenwell discusses ways of pruning coffee, including both the traditional method, as well as the more “innovative” style of pruning used at Greenwell Farms. This latter style, The Beaumont-Fukunaga system, was developed in the 1950’s, however it was rejected by most farmers in Kona at that time. Greenwell Farms […]

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CHANGE for a Cup of Coffee

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In the 1990’s, Greenwell Farms almost ceased to exist. With the farm literally dying in front of their eyes, the Greenwell Family didn’t give up. By reaching out to innovators and utilizing new farming practices, they managed to find a solution to the nematoad that was attacking the roots of their plants. This devastating time […]

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In this short educational video, Tom Greenwell narrates as employee Riley demonstrates the specific steps involved in grafting coffee, as practiced at Greenwell Farms. He also describes the reasons they graft coffee and how the use of it can help to combat nematoads in the soil. Greenwell Farms is a coffee farming and processing company […]

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OUR SIGNATURE SERIES – Experimentation and Varietals

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Greenwell Farms is creating a signature series of coffee, using hybrids and varietals, developed on the farm and with the scientists they’ve worked with for the last 15 years. Tom Greenwell describes how they plant “experiment” fields at three different elevations on the farm, to find and grow the best coffee possible, and he introduces […]

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Greenwell Farms Celebrates Family Ties to Kona Coffee Living History Farm


It’s exciting to know that Greenwell Farms family ties to Kona’s history continues through the centennial celebration of the Kona Coffee Living History Farm. Check out the article in the Seattle PI as originally reported in West Hawaii Today. The seven-acre farm tells the story of Kona coffee pioneers. Interpreters in costumes demonstrate life on […]

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Processing Coffee Cherry

It takes 4.25 pounds of coffee cherry to produce one pound of dried parchment. Each day’s harvest must be processed that day to ensure the highest quality in the final product. Coffee cherry is delivered to a facility called a pulping mill. Here, the under ripened and over-ripened cherries are discarded and the pulp from […]

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Growing Coffee

Orchard Establishment – A coffee orchard requires three to fours years of maintenance before a significant crop can be harvested. Growing Cycle – Coffee trees typically bloom in the late winter to early spring. Harvesting occurs in the fall through late winter. Mature coffee beans form into clusters of red berries, referred to as coffee […]

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Processing Coffee Parchment

It takes 1.25 pounds of dried parchment to produce one pound of green bean coffee. Dried parchment is delivered to the Dry Mill where the parchment skin is removed by a gentle hulling process. The coffee beans, now referred to as green bean, are then separated into categories of bean size. They are then graded […]

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Coffee Roasting and Packaging


It takes 1.25 pound of green bean to make one pound of roasted coffee. Green bean is delivered to the roasting facility. The roasting process is carefully monitored and timed to create a variety of roasts to meet the varied tastes or our customers. Grinding and/or flavoring are performed on the coffee after roasting. Throughout […]

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