44th Annual Celebration of Kona’s World Famous Coffee

Brewing November 7-16, 2014 Kona, Hawaii–The Kona Coffee Cultural Festival returns for its 44th annual celebration of Kona’s world famous coffee from November 7 through November 16, 2014. Hawaii’s oldest food festival combines a modern-day infatuation with coffee with Kona’s old-world history as visitors, residents, artisans and farmers gather together to salute Hawaii’s preeminent coffee. […]

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Coffee Pruning at Greenwell Farms – Trees Spring to Life Once Again

Greenwell Farms incorporates modern pruning techniques in its farming practices. Trees are completely stumped after their second year of full production giving them a full year of rest. At any given time, one third of the farm has been stumped. When this process is completed each February/March, it is a dramatic change in the look […]

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Growing Coffee

Orchard Establishment – A coffee orchard requires three to fours years of maintenance before a significant crop can be harvested. Growing Cycle – Coffee trees typically bloom in the late winter to early spring. Harvesting occurs in the fall through late winter. Mature coffee beans form into clusters of red berries, referred to as coffee […]

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Processing Coffee Parchment

It takes 1.25 pounds of dried parchment to produce one pound of green bean coffee. Dried parchment is delivered to the Dry Mill where the parchment skin is removed by a gentle hulling process. The coffee beans, now referred to as green bean, are then separated into categories of bean size. They are then graded […]

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Processing Coffee Cherry

It takes 4.25 pounds of coffee cherry to produce one pound of dried parchment. Each day’s harvest must be processed that day to ensure the highest quality in the final product. Coffee cherry is delivered to a facility called a pulping mill. Here, the under ripened and over-ripened cherries are discarded and the pulp from […]

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Coffee Roasting and Packaging

It takes 1.25 pound of green bean to make one pound of roasted coffee. Green bean is delivered to the roasting facility. The roasting process is carefully monitored and timed to create a variety of roasts to meet the varied tastes or our customers. Grinding and/or flavoring are performed on the coffee after roasting. Throughout […]

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Coffee Brewing

Coffee brewing is not a science, but an art. For best results, grind your beans just prior to brewing. We recommend using a coarse to percolator grind for the filter-drip system method of brewing. Always use a clean coffee maker. Make sure there is no residue from previous usage. Use filtered or spring cold water […]

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Roasted Coffee Storage Tips

Greenwell Farms roasts fresh 100% Kona Coffee Beans daily.  Freshly roasted whole bean and ground coffee is promptly packaged in air tight foil bags.  All 8 ounce and larger bags have one way valves that only allow air out, and nothing in.  This packaging keeps our coffee fresh.  But what about after you open it? […]

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