Greenwell Farms and Big Island Bees Partner to Pollinate Social Media Streams

gf-social-media-swapWhen Whendi Puett with Big Island Bees called Jennifer Greenwell here at Greenwell Farms and proposed that both farms swap social media streams, a brilliant marketing idea was pollinated. The idea was simple, Greenwell Farms would post our Kona coffee farm content on Big Island Bees Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and vice versa. Over the next few months marketing teams from each farm worked together to develop ideas, content and image posts, focused on giving followers a virtual tour of each farm, so followers could visualize themselves there. Big Island Bees even planned to provide a recipe using their honey in a cup of Greenwell Farm’s coffee during the swap. The idea to give followers a visual idea of the daily activities that happen at each farm. With record visitors expected, this past summer was chosen for the launch with the common goal to grow engagement, followers and potentially new visitors and customers for each farm.

Here’s the winning formula:

Big Island Bees built a strong following on Instagram and Twitter, while Greenwell Farms posts larger numbers of page likes on Facebook. The intent was to gain followers and exposure where the other company had a larger audience. The outcome of the four-day social media swap was very successful.

social-media-postIn four days, Greenwell Farms gained 13 new Twitter followers (previously their monthly average gain was 7) and 33 new Instagram followers (monthly average gain: 43). Greenwell Farms social media stream also saw a high amount of engagement, including likes and comments on related posts. A Big Island Bees follower commented on a swap post that reads “@greenwellfarms We will be visiting you next week! We go to @bigislandbees every year and now we will come see you too on our annual trip to the Big Island.”

“When I talked with Whendi, I thought the swap was a really exciting idea. Our farms share so much, including bees and our fragrant coffee blossoms, it really made sense to share our virtual worlds too,” said Jennifer Greenwell, Greenwell Farms Director and Retail Manager. “Our fans are passionate about our products as are Big Island Bees fans, it is truly a win-win for both farms.”

With such a measurable success on its first social media swap, Greenwell Farms looks forward to going viral and adding in more B2C (Business to Consumer) swaps in the near future.

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