It’s a Great Time to Visit Greenwell Farms

20150220-KonaSnow-11[2]With national weather attention focused on those cold, winter states, Greenwell Farms thought it would be a good time to talk about Kona Snow. It’s magical really.

Kona Snow refers to the delicate, fragrant coffee blossoms that are making their first 2015 appearance here on the farm. Each branch of our coffee trees are lined with multiple white flowers that sit atop each branch just like fallen snow. The flowers fill the morning air with a light gardenia-like fragrance. This is also a busy time for our bees, who work hard to pollinate our Kona Snow. Although coffee is typically a self-pollinating plant, the bees provide an extra push to insure a full branches of ripened coffee next fall.   These blossoms will eventually give way to smooth, round fruit that gradually ripen from green to red, know as Kona coffee cherry.

Greenwell Farms invites you to come up mauka (towards the mountain) to the farm and experience the farm to cup with free farm tours continuously from 8:30am through 4:30pm Monday through Sunday.




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