This is a photo of Keiko.  Keiko was the Greenwell’s family dog.  Keiko was a smart dog and had quite the distinctive personality.  He really enjoyed people, and our guests really enjoyed him.   Keiko spent a lot of time at the retail store, often joining guests on coffee farm tours.  Keiko was very popular and was definitely a much loved member of our staff.  Many guests would return and make a special point just to visit with Keiko.  He had to have been one of the most photographed dogs in Hawaii.  Keiko passed away one year ago today.  He was found lying under his favorite Mango Tree, probably passing away peacefully in his sleep.  He was 16 years old.   Without question, Keiko had a great life here at Greenwell Farms, but I, and many others, still miss him.  Returning guests still ask about him.   I am asking Keiko’s friends if you have a photo of Keiko or a story that you would like to share with all of us.  If so, please post them, I am sure that it would bring joy to many of us who miss Keiko.

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