Greenwell Farms earned First Place Award in Competition

Greenwell Farms has once again won first place in the “Kona Division” of the H.C.A. cupping contest during the Hawaii Coffee Association’s 16th Annual Conference and Trade Show held this past weekend at the Hilton Waikoloa on the Big Island of Hawaii. This year’s H.C.A. cupping competition was judged by a panel of coffee experts from across the U.S.A., including  Shawn Hamilton of Java City Roasters, Warren Muller of Inter American Coffee, Paul Thornton of Coffee Bean International, Lindsey Bolger of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Jay Isais and Jesse Martinez of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. “The cup quality and diversity has improved every year”, said chief judge Hamilton. “We’re experiencing flavors that would never have been associated with Hawaiian coffee in years past. Everyone is upping their game.” Newly re-elected H.C.A. President Tom Greenwell said, “There were some fantastic coffees in the competition.   The conference also featured an industry trade show, guest speakers, grower’s reports, diverse educational seminars, a hands-on cupping workshop and a latte art competition.

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A White Obelisk Monument marks the spot . . .

Greenwell Farms is in Kealakekua on the Big Island of Hawaii and is near the site where Captain James Cook met his fate on February 14, 1779.   A White Obelisk Monument marks the spot just a few steps away from the shore of Kealakekua Bay.  This land, though in Hawaii, was given to the United Kingdom and is officially a part of the UK.  Captain Cook’s Monument is a popular Kayak and Hiking destination.  Many Hikers and Kayakers stop at Greenwell Farms after their morning adventures to rest, relax, and enjoy our 100% Kona Coffee.  I hope that you enjoy the photo.  Mahalo.

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July 4th Independance Day at Greenwell Farms


Greenwell Farms Retail Store will be open July 4th on this 235th Independence Day of the United States.  Greenwell Farms would like to invite you to visit and be a guest of Greenwell Farms on this special day of remembrance and celebration.  Take a farm tour and enjoy a fresh cup of 100% Kona Coffee.  100% grown and produced in the United States by Greenwell Farms.  Mahalo.

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Greenwell Farms is the 30th most popular attraction out of 250 on the Big Island of Hawaii!

A visit to Greenwell Farms is a popular destination for vacationers on the Big Island of Hawaii.  I just read this morning on a major Travel Website, that Greenwell Farms is the 30th most popular attraction out of 250 on the Big Island of Hawaii!  Greenwell Farms excellent Tour Guides are very knowledgeable on Kona Coffee and on The Big Island of Hawaii, and they are all more than happy to share this information with our guests.  Greenwell Farms works very hard to create an enjoyable experience for each and every one of our guests.  In fact, we often see guests return and visit Greenwell Farms several times during their vacation.  In addition to a visit to Greenwell Farms, what other “must see” things do you do when you are here on the Big Island of Hawaii?  Please share your recommendation and photos with us.  I will start.  Here is a sunset photo on top of a snowy Mauna Kea.  I look forward to your recommendations and photos.  Mahalo.

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The Chameleon Blend is Here!

Our newest 100% Kona Coffee Product has arrived – The Chameleon Blend. The blend was named in honor of  our chameleon friends here at the farm. This unique blend combines three of our most popular roasts, our dark roast, medium roast and full city roast all into one amazing coffee!  The Chameleon Blend is available online and also in our retail store here on the island.

Place your order today!

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Did you know that it snows in Hawaii?

Did you know that it snows in Hawaii?

And it snowed this week on June 1st !  Of course the snow fell up on the mountain tops of Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea whose summits are just shy of 14,000 feet.

At Greenwell Farms no snow falls.  We are at about 1,500 feet.  Daily temperatures all year are usually between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit with comfortable and refreshing trade winds.  I often describe it here at Greenwell Farms as eternal spring time.

The Big Island of Hawaii is so varied and diverse.  You are invited to include a relaxing visit to Greenwell Farms as one of your Hawaiian destinations.  Sample and enjoy 100% Kona Coffee.  Take a farm tour of a working Kona Coffee Farm.  It is our sincere goal that your visit as a welcome guest to Greenwell Farms is one of the most enjoyable highlights of your Hawaiian vacation.  Mahalo.

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Memorial Day is a day of remembrance to honor . . .

Memorial Day is a day of remembrance to honor the men and women who have made the ultimate sacrifice and gave their life while in military service to the United States.  Memorial Day has also become an occasion for remembrance of all people who are no longer with us, whether they had served in the military or not.  Greenwell Farms Retail Store will be open and giving Farm Tours this Memorial Day.  We invite you to visit Greenwell Farms on this day of remembrance.  Mahalo.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. . .

Greenwell Farms is a popular Hawaii destination.  I want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to find us.  Here are directions with photos to Greenwell Farms.  See you soon!

Turn here on either side of this White Building. There is a Greenwell Farms Sign on the Trailer with our old Tractor in front of the White Building. We are between Mile Marker 112 and 111 on the Ocean side of the Mamalahoa Hiway. A paved road is on both sides of the White Building. Take either road about 500 feet towards the ocean to Greenwell Farms Store where we start our Farm Tours. And just in case you have a GPS or Smart Phone and want to plug our address in to guide you, here it is: 81-6581 Mamalahoa Highway, Kealakekua, Hawaii 96750

You have arrived! Enjoy any of the ten 100% Kona Coffees we make fresh everyday to sample. Take a tour of Greenwell Farms. Relax, after all you are on vacation. Hope to see you soon. Mahalo.

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Did you know that there is a Greenwell Farms Channel on YouTube?

Did you know that there is a Greenwell Farms Channel on YouTube?  I didn’t either until just recently.  I believe Greenwell Farms Kona Coffee Lovers will very much enjoy.

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Will you accept our invitation to visit Greenwell Farms?

Will you accept our sincere invitation to visit Greenwell Farms on the Big Island of Hawaii?  Your visit to Greenwell Farms will be an enjoyable and learning experience.  Not to mention quite relaxing.  Greenwell Farms is in Hawaii after all.  Here is a recent photo of a couple of happy children resting with our farm dog “Lola” after our Coffee Farm Tour.  They are next to the Retail Store enjoying our ideal weather and spectacular scenery.  All the while “Lola” is surveying her domain, keeping the world in order, or at least her world here at Greenwell Farms.  Please accept our sincere invitation and include a visit to Greenwell Farms on the Big Island of Hawaii as a vacation destination.

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When you visit Greenwell Farms. . .

Carl, a Male Jackson Chameleon. One of many at Greenwell Farms.

When you visit Greenwell Farms you will experience a working Kona Coffee Farm.  What may surprise you, as one of our guests, is just how many more interesting attractions there are to see and experience on a visit to Greenwell Farms.  For example, at Greenwell Farms you will see Avocado Trees, Orange Trees, Apple-Banana Trees, Lychee Trees, Mango Trees, Papaya Trees, and so on.  Probably one of the most popular Greenwell Farms attractions is the family of Jackson Chameleons that live on the Orange Tree next to where our tours start.  There are many more on the surrounding trees also.  Recently I had my camera with me and “Carl” was in plain view.  I just had to stop and take “Carl’s” picture.  “Carl” is a male Jackson Chameleon.  Male Jackson Chameleons have three horns.  When you visit Greenwell Farms, we will share with you the story of how “Carl” was named.  We invite our guests to find and spot the Jackson Chameleons that live here, but be advised, they are Chameleons, and they are quite good at blending into their surroundings.  I have noticed that some people are able to spot them almost immediately.  Others, including myself, do not have the keen eye to find them so easily.  Sometimes it takes me several minutes of intense looking before I find one.  Sometimes I never find one.  And I know that they are in the tree!  Greenwell Farms extends a sincere invitation to be our guest and take a tour of our farm.  And if you would like to try and spot “Carl”, or one of the many other Jackson Chameleons that live here in the fruit trees, to go ahead and give it a try.

Female Jackson Chameleon.

I plan to introduce several of the many interesting attractions at Greenwell Farms on this BLOG over the next year or so.  Please check back often for updates.  Mahalo!

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New Sign Attraction at Greenwell Farms

Greenwell Farms recently placed a new sign attraction on the side of the Mamalahoa Highway between the two entrances to Greenwell Farms.  Our new sign is on an old farm trailer that is hooked up to an old farm tractor.  Both were used for many years here at Greenwell Farms.  Every week I see visitors to Greenwell Farms taking photos of and with the tractor, trailer, and sign.  This new sign attraction is much easier to see and notice than our old sign.  Here is a photo of the tractor, trailer, and our new sign looking north up the Mamalahoa Highway.  Greenwell Farms is on the Mamalahoa Highway between Mile markers 112 & 111 on the Makai Side (water/ocean side) of the Highway.  The next time you are here on the Big Island of Hawaii, please stop in and visit.  Take a Kona Coffee Farm/Estate Tour and enjoy Kona Coffee Tasting.  We are open seven days a week, 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM.  Mahalo.
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