Greenwell Coffee Farm Friends

Here’s a list of our friends and links to their websites
You might find something of interest to you by checking out some of our friends here in Kona and on the mainland.

Clint Foundation

Our friends, John and Nancy McClintock, established the Clint Foundation to provide financial support to students pursuing higher education. Its unique approach to this support is based on the requirement that students receiving support from the Foundation must work for a portion of their educational expenses. Those funds will then be matched by funds from the Foundation and its participating colleges. John and Nancy commit a portion of the proceeds from their Vista Hills Estate Organic Coffee to this important cause.

Kona Historical Society

Kona Historical Society is next door to our farm located on the site of my Great Grandfather’s original settlement and general store. Through the years, the Society has been recognized as one of the premiere historical societies in Hawaii. There is a lot see in the old store and at the Uchida Kona Coffee Living History Farm.

Kona Ohana Guest House

Daniel Swanson is one of our tour guides on the farm and the person we call on when it comes time to help our Japanese tourists as he is fluent in that language. When he is not at the farm, Daniel is taking care of his guest house just down the road from the farm. If you want to get a feel of what it is like to live in Mauka Kona, give Daniel a call and book a stay at the Kona Ohana Guest House.

Taos Fly Shop

Our Niece, Christina Hicks, has married a young man in Taos, New Mexico and they run the Taos Fly shop just off the Plaza in downtown Taos. The Streit family (as Chrissy is now a part of) has become one of the leading fly fishing guide services in the southwest. Nick Streit and his father, Taylor Streit, guide people from all over the world through some of the prettiest country you’ll ever see on the upper Rio Grande river and its tributaries.

Four Seasons Resort

If you come to the Big Island and wish to experience one of the finest resorts on the Big Island, check our friends over at the Four Seasons Resort.

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Coffee History – The Greenwell Farms Story

The Greenwell name became associated with Kona Coffee in the later half of the 1800’s. Today, Greenwell Farms is a modern farming, processing, and tourism company located in the heart of the Kona Coffee region.

The Greenwell Farms legacy began in 1850 when Henry Nicholas Greenwell left England and first set foot on the fertile soil of rural Kona.

Together with his wife, Elizabeth Caroline, Henry spent the next forty years farming, ranching and perfecting his Kona Coffee, soon exporting it to Europe and the Americas. In 1873, the President of the Kaiser’s Exposition awarded the Greenwells a “Recognition Diploma” for their Kona Coffee at the World’s Fair in Vienna, Austria.

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Expansion of Farm Management Program

This spring brings a number of new developments to Greenwell Farms:

Greenwell Farms has taken over the management of several other smaller farms in Kona. To help us with this new endeavor, Pepe Miranda has joined our management team. Pepe, native of Panama, grew up in a coffee producing family there. He brings a wealth of coffee knowledge to this new program. This program was recently featured in major news publications across the Associated Press.

New Retail Space: Those who have been to our farm will likely remember a large industrial building on the Mamalahoa Highway at the top of our farm. This is the old Kona Meat Company building that has been in existence in one form or another throughout most of the last century.

We are now in the process of removing this building to make way for our new retail facility to be located at the Mamalahoa Highway. This facility is currently being designed to reflect the historical nature of the Old Greenwell Store. We are working with the Kona Historical Society to create a visitor destination. This would initially include the Historical Societies Museum and our new retail facility and Farm tour departure area. Stay tuned for more as this exciting project continues.

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